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Today is the day when you take your first step towards hacking some crazy growth and I'm excited to be taking that step with you!

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Why over a year?

Well I have a list of 55 PROVEN growth hacks at the moment, but inevitably I'll discover some more awesome Growth Hacks over year to add!

Over the next year you will be getting short and to the point emails with Growth Hacks you can implement immediately. They will start off simple and easy, but they will get more complex as we go. Near the end you may need some more technical skill to implement some of them.

Now on to your first Growth Hack!

We're going to start off easy here with the email signature Growth Hack.

What is the email signature Growth Hack you may ask?

The whole idea is to include relevant information and a call to action to your email signature. Most people send out at least 5 emails a day to customers, but Imagine you are at a company of 50 people. That's over 250 emails a day that get sent out or 250 potential conversions.

Here's an example of what I mean with my personal email signature:

Jamil Velji
WebsiteLinkedinTwitter | Skype: Jamilv

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In this example, the subscription is my main call to action because I want to build a list. If you work at or run a SaaS company, you may want your call to action to be related to viewing your company tour.

My only other note on this Growth Hack would be to make sure your signature is consistent. Make sure your email signature isn't different from your coworker's otherwise it just looks bad.

On a final note, if you need some help getting your email signature in order, feel free to hit reply and I will see what I can do to help!

Now go hack some growth!


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